Hurricane-Resistant Homes

Hurricane Proof • Non Combustible • Net Zero Energy Efficient • Safe • Lower Costs

Owning a home designed to stand up to hurricanes, storm surges and other extreme weather conditions is vital to the safety and security of residents of coastal areas. The Consensus Home™ is a durable and reliable hurricane-resistant housing solution for residents of coastal regions prone to storms and flooding.

A Consensus Home™ provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe during even the most extreme weather conditions. This is why:


Hurricanes are increasing in number and strength each year. On average, at least 2 hurricanes make landfall on the east coast and cost $28 billion in damages per year. 1,013,226 homes are at risk in South Carolina alone and massive rains, winds, and flooding have outstanding effects on our communities.

However, with homes built to withstand winds up to 200MPH+, you can feel safe in your Consensus home even during the most devastating storms.

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Save Energy

South Carolina residents pay the highest energy bills in the nation. This is not due to high rates - it is due to high usage. On average, residents pay $1,753 per year in energy bills, which is $402 above the average in the United States.

However, with Consensus and our energy efficient homes, you can save 60%-80% off your heating and cooling each month! This means both your wallet and the environment will thank you.

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Insurance Savings

Myrtle Beach has the highest insurance rates in South Carolina, & South Carolina has the sixth highest insurance rates in the entire nation. Myrtle Beach residents pay an average annual premium of $3,858. That is $322 per month just to insure your home.

With Consensus, you can cut this cost in half and save up to $161 per month and $1,929 per year.

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Less Maintenance

Unlike wooden houses, steel framed homes do not deteriorate over time and will not require the same amount of maintenance and repair to remain habitable. Wood framed houses are also prone to mold, mildew, and termites which can cause serious health complicaitons and high costs.

With our steel framed homes, you can have peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about these major issues.

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Sustainable Steel Frame

The steel frames we use for our Consensus HomeTM is made from recycled junk cars which have been reinforced to withstand virtually any storm. So instead of cutting down trees, we turn junkyards into sustainable homes that are both better for you and the environment! For a standard sized home, it takes about 8 recycled junk cars to build the framing instead of 25 trees like in traditional framing.

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