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  • Our homes passed Large Missile Impact, Water Penetration, and Wind Load Tests of 200+ mph, so they are undoubtedly stronger than traditional wooden framed houses



  • Not susceptible to reduced structural capacity caused by dry-rot, termites, or mold
  • Category 1 fire rated material that is 100% non-combustible and will not feed a fire



  • Lower construction costs, energy bills, insurance costs, and maintenance, so you are saving a substantial amount of money
  • Typical annual energy bill savings averages 60% to 80%!

Insurance Savings

Thanks to the strong and dependable structure of our homes, you will save a substantial amount of money on lower insurance rates and premiums. Myrtle Beach residents pay the highest insurance rates in the entire state of South Carolina, and South Carolina has the sixth highest insurance rates in the entire nation.  

The average annual premium in Myrtle Beach is $3,858. With Consensus, you can cut that premium in half thanks to our hurricane proof and noncombustible houses. That means a monthly savings of $161 

Homeowners in general also lose a lot of money on insurance claims due to fire and lightning each year. In fact, it causes some of the most severe losses in insurance claims each year. However, with our non-combustible steel framed houses, that won’t be a problem.  

Energy Savings

South Carolina residents pay the highest energy bills in the entire nation. This is not due to high rates, in fact South Carolina has relatively low rates per kilowatt hour, but rather due to high usage as we use electricity to both heat and cool our homes. On average, residents pay $1,753 per year in energy bills, which is $402 above the average in the United States. Our net zero energy efficient homes, however, can save you 50% per year, which is $73 per month!

Less Maintenance

Unlike wooden houses, steel framed homes don’t deteriorate over time and won’t require the same amount of maintenance and repair to remain habitable. In other words, it is a home for generations to come and it will save you a lot of money that can be spent on things that matters to you.  

Another problem with wooden houses is the prospect of termites, mold, and mildew, which will not only cost money to remedy, but might also cause severe health complications to you and the ones you love. With our reinforced steel homes, there is nothing for termites to eat, and nowhere for the mold to infest despite the humid climate here in South Carolina. Mold in the home has been proven to be linked to respiratory and asthmatic illnesses as well as anaphylactic reactions in otherwise healthy people. Don’t let that happen to the people you care about. Choose Consensus instead and save both time and money you can spend on things you want to do as a healthy person instead.  


Due to climate change, the coastal regions in America has seen an increase in both the number and strength of hurricanes making landfall each year. The devastations these hurricanes leave behind cost $28 billion per year and it’s only getting worse. Due to the increasing strengths of the hurricanes, more and more people lose their homes. Don’t let that be you

With our unique system of strong – yet lightweight – reinforced building blocks of steel, your home will be able to withstand winds of up to 220 mph, saving you lots of time and money when the next hurricane hits since it will still be there when you get back from your evacuation.

Other Ways to Save with Consensus

The actual timeframe from when the material arrives on the site until the house is finished and move-in ready is shorter than with a conventional wooden house. This means less money spent on labor and labor insurance, as well as lower wages since the frames are easier to construct and doesn’t require the same skill level from the workers. The fact that there won’t be any wooden scrap material from the framing is also a money saver.  

On top of all this, Consensus is better for the environment both in the short run and the long run. So, you are doing yourself and your family, your wallet, and the environment a favor by choosing Consensus! 

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